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I'm Extremely new to lmms. I have tried out other musical functions for creating music however, they all proved very difficult and time consuming. Lmms appears to no less than be do-in a position although.

GIMP/Add Speech Bubbles to a Comic Strip - Wikibooks, open books for an open worldANYWAY, I used from text to speech [https://worldscholarshipforum.com/best-sat-prep-courses/] be wondering if there were any good voice synthesizers on the market.

I am an enormous Dave Grohl fan and love the Foo Fighter's self titled. You already know, the one he made by himself. Anyway, he has a track called Generator on that album. I consider he makes use of a voice synthesizer to create the sound in the beginning of the tune.

I used to be wondering if there have been any synthesizers that perhaps sounded much like that.

Anyone know?


You should use Audacity for that. It's a free audio editting software.

There are particular effects in audacity, that may help, make that same

robotic voice. (Check the results tab)

Also, take a look at this Youtube tut:

The way to make a robotic voice in audacity 2.2.1 by f&D.

If you happen to see a robotic girl, in the vids thumbnail pic, then that is the tut.

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