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Starting with the December 2014 release of Premiere Pro CC (8.2), the Speech-to-best text to speech; bookmarkingcentral.download, feature or Speech Analysis performance is faraway from Premiere Pro.

The Speech Analysis performance in Premiere Pro analyzes speech and converts spoken words into textual content-based, searchable metadata.


At the time of implementing Speech Analysis, it was anticipated that the underlying engine for this feature would improve at a sooner fee than it did. Over time, consumer feedback and analysis confirm that this feature will not be possible to a degree of accuracy that is useful to users.


Given this focus, Speech Analysis is eliminated in Premiere Pro. That is, you possibly can no longer analyze any new media and generate speech-to-textual content metadata in Premiere Pro.


You may, nevertheless, continue to view the speech-to-textual content metadata for any clips that have been previously analyzed using Premiere Pro CC 8.1 or earlier versions. The generated speech evaluation metadata is embedded in the media files, so the text continues to be seen and usable when the analyzed clips are imported and utilized in the latest version of Premiere Pro.

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